A Different Way to Date

Saturday, April 15th 7:00pm - Event starts. 7:30pm - Dinner served 10:00pm - The Afterparty (Optional) Location revealed on confirmation

How does it work?

  • Our organizers look for the most interesting, single, attractive women and men they can find in KL.
  • Organizers curate the guestlist and decide who gets invited.
  • The guests then receive special invitations revealing the location, passwords, and rules of engagement.
  • An intimate group of men and women show up for a night of food, drink, conversation, and tests of... Ability.

From our January and February events:

"Totally changed how I feel about blind dates. The best way to sift through all the dating clutter and have fun too."
Female guest, really smart, really pretty, like wow I mean just seriously wow
"It doesn't feel like a high-pressure dating situation. It feels like just hanging out with a bunch of really hot people."
Male guest, having his best night of 2016 and 2017 combined
"A unique twist on the Malaysian dating scene that I would highly recommend to anybody who is looking for something refreshing to do on a weekend night."
Male guest, has own house own car five-figure salary oh heyyyyy
"Ughhhhh I fucking needed that."
Female guest, just found the bottom of a smoky absinthe cocktail
  • Female Guest
  • Male Guest
  • Male Guest
  • Female Guest

Why would you do this?

Because dating in KL is just so...


You deserve better. And you're going to get it.

How much is a pass?

A pass for the main event is MYR130.

Your pass covers your dinner and drinks at the event (and trust me you will be drinking) but not the afterparty.

Passes are limited to one per guest. Sorry! Got a friend who would be a good fit for the event? You can nominate them to be invited below!

How do I get in?

Don't call us - we'll call you.

If you were pointed to this page by a friend, click on the button below to share your name and WhatsApp number and we'll be in touch.

If you were not pointed to this page by a friend, you can share your name and WhatsApp number anyway and we'll be in touch, probably to ask you how you found our page.